Human Dimensions Actions

PHJV Human Dimensions Committee FY 2023-24 Work Plan

The FY24 will focus on the development of the monitoring frameworks that are required to measure progress for the 2025 and beyond planning cycles, building Human Dimensions Capacity, and targeted research. This workplan represents a significant step towards supporting the implementation of the PHJV Human Dimensions Objectives and Outcomes. In that context, the Policy Committee’s work plan for FY24 will include the following items, which are described in more detail in Annex 1:

The following priorities have been identified to support implementation:

  1. Social Science Capacity: Create opportunities to expand social science capacity to better position the PHJV and partners to achieve conservation outcomes.
  2. Monitoring progress: Invest in the monitoring framework and baseline data to support reporting and monitoring against which progress towards the outcomes related to trust, relevancy, and attitudes can be assessed.
  3. Targeted Research: Better understanding of target groups and decision-making processes to inform program delivery, policy making, communications and engagement.
  4. Strategic Partnerships: Seek opportunities to build strategic partnerships with non-traditional partners including indigenous communities and the agricultural industry.
  5. Communications with partnerships and external stakeholders: Work with PHJV Committees, provincial committees, and delivery partners to disseminate information regarding the Human Dimensions component of the PHJV Implementation Plan and opportunities for social sciences.