The PHJV has become a continental leader in developing and sustaining long-lasting, diverse and successful partnerships to implement waterfowl and wetland conservation programs and activities across the Canadian prairies.

The broad scope of the PHJV includes landowners, industry, federal, provincial and municipal governments, Indigenous Peoples, corporations and environmental nongovernmental organizations.

Strengthening Relations and Our Understanding

The Prairie Habitat Joint Venture acknowledges the Indigenous Peoples who live in the Prairie Parklands and Western Boreal Forest of Canada, and the many Inuit, Dene, Métis and First Nations as the original caretakers of this land.

The traditional lands, unceded territories and, where applicable, Treaties that form part of this area can be viewed at:

As members of the conservation community, we recognize our responsibility towards building and strengthening meaningful and mutually-respectful relations with Indigenous Peoples, as well as raising our own understanding and awareness of local Indigenous Peoples and their history, traditions, and cultures.

PHJV Partners – The Key to Our Success

Our conservation success across these critical landscapes would not be possible without our dedicated partners, stakeholders, board and committees. Achieving our PHJV objectives is ambitious and we will accomplish it together!

The PHJV expresses sincere appreciation and gratitude to our partners and contributors.

The PHJV gratefully acknowledges all Canadian partners: 

The PHJV gratefully acknowledges all United States partners:

Including the many federal, state and non-governmental organizations whose invaluable contributions to the PHJV have shaped the success of the Joint Venture and the entire North American Waterfowl Management Plan partnership.

NAWMP-PHJV Provincial Steering Committees

The provincial steering committees oversee the provincial components of the PHJV Implementation Plan.

Ring necked duck drake.

Alberta NAWMP Partnership


Chair Sue Cotterill
Coordinator Greg Hale

Duck preening

Saskatchewan NAWMP Committee

Chair Corie White

Waterfowl in wetland habitat

Manitoba NAWMP Committee

Chair Kurt Mazur

PHJV Advisory Board

The PHJV Advisory Board includes representation from federal and provincial governments and environmental non-governmental organizations.  As such, diverse perspectives are brought to the PHJV. Responsibilities of individual partners are defined by the strengths and mandates of each agency and include habitat-program planning, habitat-program delivery, government policy, research and evaluation, coordination and communications.

  • Environment and Climate Change Canada (Canadian Wildlife Service) (Chair Ron Bennett)
  • Alberta Environment and Protected Areas, and the Alberta NAWMP Partnership (Sue Cotterill)
  • Saskatchewan Environment (Joann Skilnick)
  • Saskatchewan Watershed Authority (Corie White)
  • Manitoba Agriculture & Resource Development (Maria Arlt)
  • Manitoba Habitat Conservancy (Stephen Carlyle)
  • Birds Canada (Kiel Drake)
  • Delta Waterfowl (Jim Fisher)
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada (Brian Hepworth)
  • Nature Conservancy of Canada (Kevin Teneycke)
  • Wildlife Habitat Canada (Cameron Mack)

PHJV Coordinator

Deanna Dixon

PHJV Science Committee

Co-Chair Vanessa Harriman
Co-Chair Ann McKellar

PHJV Policy Committee

Chair Jim Fisher

PHJV Human Dimensions Committee

Chair Corie White

PHJV Communications Committee

Chair Dave Kostersky